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Air Conditioning Energy Assessments- What You Need to Know

Posted on by Belmar Services Ltd

Being more energy efficient and playing an active role in protecting the environment is an essential aspect in the make-up of all businesses nowadays. With this in mind, if you run air conditioning systems at your commercial premises, it is important to ensure you conduct regular energy assessments to determine how efficiently the system is functioning. This is a service we here at Belmar Services can offer to you, and so you can discover a little more about what this entails and the importance of the assessments, we have provided a quick-fire guide below.

Why Are They Required?

Energy assessments are required by law in order to improve efficiency at the same time as reducing running costs, electricity consumption and carbon emissions. Improvements to systems can be identified and the need to replace old, underperforming systems with newer, more efficient alternatives will be highlighted.

How Often Should They Take Place?

Any air conditioning unit with an output of more than 12kw must be assessed and hold an Energy Performance Certificate. Inspections must be completed at intervals not exceeding five years in order for the required certificate to be presented.

What’s Covered in an Assessment?

There are a number of things covered within an energy performance assessment;

•    The air movement and refrigeration parts of the air conditioning system will be assessed, in addition to their controls.

•    Documents that show the level of maintenance completed on the system and the workings of the unit will be requested.

•    An estimation on whether the system is suitably sized for the location it is set up within will also be determined by your energy assessor.

What are the Consequences of No Assessment?

If you don’t undertake an assessment and hold a valid Energy Performance Certificate you will be issued with a penalty charge notice. The local authorities, most commonly Trading Standards Officers, are responsible for enforcing the consequences of your business not holding an up-to-date inspection report when one has been requested.

If your air conditioning systems needs to be assessed, get in touch with us here at Belmar Services by calling 0115 955 1398 to arrange a suitable time for our assessors to visit your premises. Following a successful assessment, we will then provide you with an Energy Performance Certificate that you can proudly show off within your commercial property!

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