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Air Conditioning Maintenance

Posted on by Belmar Services Ltd

Over the years, the technology behind air conditioning, refrigeration and ventilation systems has enormously improved. A vast amount of money and time has been spent on developing and manufacturing today’s high efficiency, high performance systems.

If your air conditioning, refrigeration or ventilation system is not regularly maintained, its efficiency and performance is reduced significantly. This results in the technology you have invested in being wasted.  Also, manufacturer’s warranties are only valid if competent personnel adequately maintain systems.

In most cases, these systems are essential pieces of equipment. Whether they are used to maintain a comfortable working or living environment, or more crucially to keep computer rooms and other critical equipment cool enough to operate properly, to keep manufacturered food products chilled or to provide fresh air ventilation as required by health and safety regulations you cannot afford for breakdowns.

If equipment is not regularly maintained, it has to work much harder to reach temperature. In doing so, it costs you far more to run, with the increased chance of a serious fault occurring. If left for an extended period of time without a maintenance visit it will certainly break down. This could lead to potentially expensive repair bills and loss of goods, the cost of which far outweighs that of a maintenance contract.

By arranging a maintenance contract you can be safe in the knowledge that your equipment is working to full capacity and that the chance of a breakdown is significantly reduced. Most serious faults progress from much smaller faults. If spotted early enough these can be resolved and prevent any serious damage to your equipment.

The amount of maintenance visits a year strongly depends on where the systems are located and how often they are used. As a rule you should expect to have two maintenance visits a year but recommendations will be made on our first visit.

Our maintenance work is fully documented so the history and status of any works can be advised at any time.

The benefits of holding a maintenance contract with us include:

  • 24 Hour break down cover
  • Priority over non-contract customers
  • Tailor made maintenance packages to suit your specific requirements
  • Preventative maintenance programmes.
  • Provision of a reactive breakdown service, 365 days, 24/7.
  • ACRIB registered refrigerant handling.
  • F-Gas compliant refrigerant leak testing and repairing procedures.
  • F-Gas compliant refrigerant records

For a free, no obligation quotation, please call us on 0115 955 1398 alternatively, please contact us via our online enquiry form and a member of staff will get in contact with you shortly.

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