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Air Conditioning Repair: How to Tell If You Need It

Posted on by Belmar Services Ltd Blog

20688753902_05ca4c29a0_bThis simple checklist from Belmar Services Ltd will make sure your air conditioning unit is in full working order as the warmer months creep closer. Check all these potential issues to make sure you know what the real source of the problem is before you go splashing out on air conditioning repair.

Sounds and smells

First things first, have some common sense when checking your unit. If your air conditioning unit is in need of repair, it may be making some strange sounds or omitting some kind of odor. You shouldn’t have to study your AC unit closely to identify these problems, they should be easily noticeable.

Any rattling or grinding sounds should be picked up quickly in order to prevent a costly breakdown. Similarly, any peculiar smells may point towards a worn out insulation fuse.

Air flow for air conditioning repair

Also, check your air conditioning unit’s air flow. If it is struggling to project air or it is not flowing at its usual rate, then this may point towards the source of the issue. The issue, in this case, may be the compressor or the duct, both of which may need urgent repair.

Thermostat issues

It may also be worth checking the thermostat if one area of your house is a mild temperature and another is significantly colder. This may not be the most significant problem, but you may wish to call someone out to repair your air conditioning unit.

Drain tube and duct repair

If you have followed this checklist and still can’t source the problem, it may point towards something deeper. Moisture around the inside of your air conditioning unit will suggest a drain tube blockage, a problem which can lead to mould inside your air conditioning unit if left untreated.

These problems, if detected early enough, should not be terminal, but are issues which will require air conditioning repair.

To find out more about Belmar Services Ltd’s air conditioning repairs, head over to our services section on our website.

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