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Air Conditioning: Where is it Needed?

Posted on by Belmar Services Ltd Blog

An image of a shopping centre making use of air conditioning to keep their customers cool.

In Britain, we tend to miss out on the hot temperatures that other countries bask in. However, when the British summertime finally comes around, we all tend to forget just how much our temperatures can soar. In fact, in 1976, the temperature in Cheltenham reached a sweltering 35.9C.

Of course, it isn’t just in the summertime that air conditioning is needed and for today’s post, Belmar Services Ltd discusses the environments where air conditioning is required throughout the year.


Whether you work in a small office with just a few people or a large space that many individuals use, a working environment can become hot very quickly. Offices can generally be split into two categories – those that are full of hustle and bustle and a lot of movement, and those where individuals tend to stay at their desks. However, when stuck in a hot room, none of these environments is desirable. Additionally, offices will tend to make use of computers, printers and photocopiers, all of which can contribute to the heat generated within the space. Consequently, when you make use of air conditioning, you are also helping to keep the equipment in your space cool.


You want your guests to feel comfortable throughout their stay, and having a great night’s sleep goes a long way in ensuring that your guests leave happy.

In the modern day, you will note that most hotels make the use of this feature and actively advertise it as a bonus of choosing to stay with them.

Care Homes

Just as the winter poses its own set of risks for elderly people, high temperatures can also cause issues, including dehydration which can have serious consequences. Of course, not every care home makes use of air conditioning, so it is worth checking their strategies for hot weather.


Is there anything worse than trying on clothes or queuing up in a shop that is too hot? It makes sense for shops to make use of air conditioning throughout the year – even at Christmas time – think about it, this is when stores are most likely to be jam-packed full of stressed shoppers.

Retailers will typically ensure that their air conditioning systems are working at all times, giving shoppers a pleasant shopping experience so that they spend more time in the store, and, more importantly, keep returning.

Belmar Services Ltd: Air Conditioning Installation

The friendly team at Belmar Services Ltd have been providing a wide variety of air conditioning services, including maintenance, repair, design and installation for over 30 years. To make an appointment with us, please call on 0115 784 991 or send your enquiry through to our online contact form.

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