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Cracking Common Air Conditioning Myths

Posted on by Belmar Services Ltd Blog


For the majority of homeowners in the UK, the biggest concern is finding a way to heat up our homes when the cold, miserable weather settles in for 9 months of the year. With a battle to keep warm, finding ways to keep cool are not at the forefront of our minds. However, when it comes to being too hot when trying to sleep, or struggling in the heat during the summer, our sparse knowledge of air conditioning units comes back to bite us, and, despite our lack of knowledge into these cooling systems, there are also a number of common myths surrounding AC units. In their latest blog post, Belmar Services Limited attempt to crack the most common air conditioning myths.

“Air Conditioning Units Cause Colds”

Although temperature is linked to susceptibility to colds and cases of flu, the simple fact of the matter is that air conditioning units do not have a detrimental effect on your health. Illnesses, such as the common cold, are the result of viruses, and are not affected by the environment. In complete contrast to this air conditioning myth, cooling systems can help purify the air you breathe, while will increase your recovery time and improve your condition.

“You Can Save Money by Leaving It Running Instead of Turning It off”

One of the most common air conditioning myths also applies to the majority of electrical appliances. Leaving your AC unit on when you are not using it will cost you more pennies than if you use it sensibly and when you need to. If your room is cool enough with a window open, then opt for this option instead of powering up the AC.

“Setting a Cooler Temp Cools Your Room Quicker”

The temperature settings on your air conditioning may have an impact on how cool your room will be, but for the speed in which it takes to cool down, this is all down to fan speed. Setting a higher fan speed will help distribute your designated temperature quicker, leaving you with a comfortable environment.

Hopefully, this blog post will help dispel any of these common air conditioning myths, leaving you to consider any system for their benefits and practicalities. To find out more about all of our products and services, contact Belmar Services Limited today by calling us on 0115 9551398 or by leaving us a message via our online form.

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