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New F-Gas Regulations – How they Affect Our Service

Posted on by Belmar Services Ltd

Here at Belmar Services Ltd we pride ourselves on providing our customers with a reliable and cost effective air conditioning and refrigeration service, and we have established a strong reputation in the Nottingham region for the quality of our service.

An essential element of this service is that we strictly adhere to all of the relevant legislation, and we welcome the forthcoming F-Gas Regulations which passed proposals by a ‘large majority’ in the European Parliament last month.

F-Gases (otherwise known as Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases) are chemicals that contain the element fluorine, and they cause damage to the ozone layer in the upper atmosphere. Their use is already being phased out in modern equipment, but this legislation should cement this goal in law, helping companies and organisations to plan research and development in the future.

We are associated with a number of accreditation bodies and organisations outlining our commitment to best practices, including Chas, Constructionline and REFCOM, while we are also Safe Contractor Approved.

If you’re responsible for the air conditioning or refrigeration equipment of a commercial or industrial environment get in touch with the experts here at Belmar Services Ltd to learn more about your obligations regarding F-gases.

To find out more regarding the F-Gas Regulations and how they might affect you, or to enquire about any of the other services we can offer, call our friendly and professional team today on 0115 955 1398 or complete our online contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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