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Should You Use Your AC System in Autumn and Winter?

Posted on by Belmar Services Ltd Blog

For most people, air conditioning systems are strictly for the summer. As the colder months begin to settle in, your air conditioning systems will naturally make way for your fireplace in preparation for those cosy, winter evenings. The question remains, however, as to whether your AC system is completely redundant after the first frost or if they should be considered as an effective and efficient way of heating your home.

Heating and Costs

As previously mentioned, air conditioning units are typically associated for providing rooms with a much need dose of fresh, cool air in the height of summer. Contrary to popular belief, air conditioning units can also be used to warm up rooms and large spaces both quickly and efficiently. Although fireplaces may look the part, the fact of the matter is that an AC system will heat your room up in a fraction of the time it takes for you to prepare your logs and get a fire going. When also compared to traditional central heating systems, an air conditioning unit uses much less energy than typical systems, making them the cheaper option of heating a home or office.


Air conditioning units also offer more benefits than just simply heating and cooling your home. Due to their ventilation systems, an AC system will also process the existing air in your room and release a purified solution back into the room. As a result, the air you breathe will be cleaner and will benefit anyone with allergies or ailments such as asthma. Particularly when compared to fireplaces, this option will not only keep you warm at night, but it will greatly benefit your health as well.

As the temperature begins to drop day by day, it is getting closer to the time when you need to decide how to heat your home for this winter. Before you go purchasing bags of firewood and logs or renewing your energy bill, why not consider installing an AC system? These units have been proven to heat homes quickly and at a cheaper rate than typical central heating systems while also purifying your air, so make the switch today.

If you want to be able to heat up your home both quickly and efficiently, as well as improving the air you breathe, then contact Belmar Services today on 0115 9551398 to find out more about our AC systems. You can also contact us directly via our online form.

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