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Signs Your Air Con Unit Needs Replacing

Posted on by Belmar Services Ltd Blog

An image of an industrial air conditioning unit.

We typically use our air conditioning unit without thinking, being especially grateful for its cool air during the height of summer. Being such a ubiquitous sight, signs of wear and unusual sounds can often go unnoticed – that is until the air conditioning unit begins to fail.

In the latest blog post from Belmar Services Ltd, we discuss the common signs you may notice should you air conditioning unit need replacing, helping you to avoid a full breakdown.

Sounds and Smells

One of the more noticeable signs that your air conditioning unit needs replacing is the sounds and smells it produces.

If your air conditioning system is in need of some attention, you may begin to notice a rattling sound.

Smells emitting from your air conditioning unit may be caused from a worn out installation fuse or even caused by built up dirt in the system – a professional engineer will be able to advise you further.


You’re likely to be used to a particular type of airflow emitting from your air conditioning system, but if that changes, it could be a sign that the system needs replacing.

If you have noticed that the airflow in your system is restricted, it could be due to a faulty compressor or duct.


Issues with the thermostat are not only annoying, they may also be a sign that this component needs replacing. Thermostat issues can be identified by the temperature of the space you are in. If one side of the room is noticeably cooler than the other, a replacement may be required.

Duct Work

The above signs demonstrate the most commonly noticed issues that may be spotted when your air con system is need of repair or replacement. However, if these elements are not the issue and your system is still presenting signs of wear, there may be a deeper issue at hand.

Here at Belmar Services Ltd, we have been offering design, installation and maintenance services for more than 30 years. If you would like advice regarding your air conditioning unit from trusted professionals, we welcome you to contact us.

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