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The Advantages of Air Source Heat Pumps

Posted on by Belmar Services Ltd Blog

Here at Belmar Services, we have been providing, installing and maintaining air source heat pumps for many years. Our dedicated team have over 30 years of experience and in our latest post, we discuss this appliance in more detail and its advantages.

What is an Air Source Heat Pump?

There are two types of air source heat pumps:

Air to water pumps

This style of heat pump absorbs heat from the outside air and then transfers it to your central heating system to provide heat and hot water to your home.

Air to heat pumps

On the other hand, an air to heat pump, absorbs heat from the outside air, but instead of transferring it to your central heating, transfers it directly to your home via a fan system to heat your home.

The Advantages

Singinifacnt research has been carried out into the effectiveness of air source heat pumps and from this, a wide variety of advantages have been found. Below, some of the most discerning advantages are listed:

Low carbon footprint
High Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating
Can provide cooling in the summer and heat in the winter
May be powered by wind or solar energy, as an alternative to electricity
Can deliver heat at -20 degrees, compared to conventional boilers
Long lifespan
Quick installation

Belmar Services

Air source heat pumps allow you to enjoy the benefits of a traditional gas or oil boiler, with a reduced carbon footprint. Here at Belmar Services, we have been installing, servicing and repairing air source heat pumps for many years.

Based in Hucknall, we serve a wide variety of surrounding areas. If you would like to find out more about air source heat pumps or gain a quote, please talk a member of our friendly team today. Call 0115 784 9914 or send your enquiry through to our online contact form.

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