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The Dangers of Not Servicing Your Air Conditioning

Posted on by Belmar Services Ltd

It is important to make sure that your air conditioning unit is being serviced regularly, as there are many problems that can arise from lack of maintenance. Servicing includes thoroughly cleaning the unit, checking for faults and repairing these problems. We’ve put together a list of some of the dangers that can be caused by not servicing your air conditioning.

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Health Problems

If your air conditioning unit is not cleaned thoroughly on a regular basis, the dust, dirt and other allergenic particles that build up can be circulated around your building. Not only is this unhygienic but can cause serious health problems to those continuously working in the vicinity. Problems such as asthma, sinusitis and allergies are the most common illnesses found in properties where air conditioning units are not efficiently cleaned out.

For properties that use air conditioning units that have not been serviced in a long time, more serious problems can be caused arise. The most common illness caused and spread by air conditioning problems is Legionnaire’s disease. This disease lives in water and contaminated water droplets can be easily spread around a building through air flow. The symptoms of Legionnaire’s disease are usually the same as those commonly found with the flu, but for around 15% of those who suffer from the illness, the disease is fatal.

High Energy Bills

The longer you leave your air conditioning unit without servicing it, the harder it will have to work to efficiently control the temperature of your building. If there are problems that have not been fixed or a build up of bacteria in the unit, you will be using more energy trying to support the system and getting much less out of it. With annual services on your air conditioning unit, you can ensure that you are receiving maximum efficiency from your system which will ultimately lower energy costs.

The Risk of Breakdowns

With an annual servicing, you can be certain that professionals have checked for all issues regarding your unit. This means that problems will be fixed quickly and the complication of multiple issues building up on top one another will be prevented. Servicing will drastically reduce the likelihood of your system breaking down as problems will be fixed on a yearly basis.

Breakdowns not only prevent your system from working until they are fixed, causing an inconvenience to both you and your workers, but often take up a lot of time. Where you could be carrying out important work, you may have to spend time calling our professionals and making alternative arrangements until the system is up and running again. Breakdowns can also be costly, particularly if your air conditioning unit is beyond repair. Investing in regular servicing is more cost effective than waiting for a breakdown.

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