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The Many Advantages of Air Conditioning at Work

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An air conditioning system is the most effective way to circulate fresh, cool air into your property, keeping the inhabitants comfortable and alert all day. Belmar Services Ltd have offered three vital benefits below to help you decide whether installing air conditioning at work is the next step for your business.

Temperature control
Temperature is a hotly debated topic within many workplaces across the United Kingdom, with many employees bickering over the perfect working temperature. In fact, a recent study conducted by Samsung revealed that 82% of participants were frequently dissatisfied with the temperature in their office, stating that it is either ‘too hot’ or ‘too cold’ to be able to perform their tasks comfortably. With the installation of air conditioning at work, you can hand control back to your employees and allow them to decide on a regulated temperature, or choose to adjust the temperature daily according to the weather outside.

Improved security
Another benefit to installing air conditioning at work is the improved security advantages. During summer, your employees may want to open the windows in order to get fresh air circulating through their offices. However, the security of your premises could be comprised if even one window isn’t closed and locked properly at the end of the day, leaving your building and its valuable contents vulnerable to thieves. Installing air conditioning, however, will negate this from accidentally happening, increasing security tenfold.

Less noise pollution
If your office is situated by a main road, and your employees like to keep the windows open, you may notice that noise levels begin to rise at certain times of the day, for example, during the morning and evening rush hour and whilst the school run is commencing. Keep out the noise but retain the effect of cool, fresh air by installing an expert air conditioning system into your building. The cold air will help to keep your employees focused too – assisting in the reduction of employee noise pollution too!

Belmar Services Ltd are air conditioning experts with the ability to offer quality maintenance and repairs services to our customers within the Nottinghamshire area. If you’re interested in investing in an air conditioning system for your company, do not hesitate to get in contact with our team of engineers today by calling 0115 9551398.

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