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Things You Didn’t Know About Air Conditioning

Posted on by Belmar Services Ltd Blog

An image of air conditioning systems outside of a commercial building.
In the modern day, many commercial and residential buildings make use of air conditioning to help control the indoor temperature throughout the summer months. We’re all familiar with the ways it works and the benefits it has to our environments, but you may be surprised to find out some of the things below. For the latest blog post, Belmar Services Ltd discusses four things you didn’t know about air conditioning.

Air Conditioning Wasn’t Originally Created to Cool You Down

That’s right, in 1902, American engineer Willis Carrier invented the “Apparatus for Treating Air” for a New York publishing company. The aim of the invention was not to cool down people down, but to decrease humidity levels so that the ink would dry faster.

Summer Break

Before air conditioning was invented, many parts of the world became too hot for schools and workplaces to operate, and so they took a break over this time. Although since then the Government and various workplaces have returned to work, schools still enjoy the traditional summer break.

Air Conditioning Helps Allergy Sufferers

There are many theories about whether or not air conditioning helps those with allergies or simply makes the symptoms worse. However, air conditioning not only shuts out seasonal allergens, whilst allowing for a cool indoor environment, it also helps to filter the air. Some air conditioning systems can even be adapted to kill or trap potential allergens. Provided you keep your system well-maintained, an air conditioning system won’t make your allergies worse.

“Summer Blockbuster”

Ever wondered where that phrase comes from? Movie theatres were one of the first establishments to use air conditioning, so it’s not surprising that in the summer, people flocked to movie theatres to sit in the cool, dark rooms. The rise in numbers meant that movie theatres began releasing their biggest films during the summer and so the phrase “summer blockbuster” was coined.

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