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UK Government ‘Must Act’ On Illegal Uninspected Air Con Systems

Posted on by Belmar Services Ltd

According to the Building and Engineering Services Association (B&ES), the UK government needs to take the inspection of air condition systems seriously. As per the new energy regulations, all air conditioning units that have more than 12 kW cooling capacities have to be inspected.

However, the B&ES states that the government has inspected less than 5% of the total available units within the UK.

This is a serious problem, as it means that a large number of the air conditioning systems being used across the UK do not conform to the law. In addition, the owners of these buildings will have to pay penalties. However, most importantly, these buildings have not been able to take advantage of the energy efficiency benefits that result due to the inspections.

The B&ES further states that a small number of building owners are aware of their legal responsibility. With the local authorities taking too long to complete the project, the whole process becomes time-consuming and complex.

To ensure air conditioning units in building are energy efficient, the law states that units installed on or after January 1, 2008 have to be inspected within five years of their installation. Older systems of more than 250 kW had to be inspected by January 2008, and systems more than 12 kW should have been checked by January 2011. However, this has not happened.

If the UK government does not crack down on illegal uninspected air conditioning systems, the country will not be able to reduce its energy waste, and businesses will not be able to install energy efficient systems and reduce their operating costs. Therefore, the B&ES says, the government should view this inspection seriously.

We here at Belmar Services support this inspection theory – as specialists in air conditioning systems and with more than 20 years’ experience in this field, we believe in using the latest technology to ensure the energy efficiency of the air conditioning systems. Besides installing a range of air conditioning systems and carrying out air con repairs and maintenance, we also offer energy performance certifications and energy assessments for air con systems.

If you want to know whether your air conditioning system conforms to the current law, contact us today – we’ll be more than happy to offer help, assistance and carry out inspections, as well as provide the necessary energy performance certificates.


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