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Why Do Air Source Heat Pumps Benefit Your Home?

Posted on by Belmar Services Ltd Blog

As we settle into the era of sustainable energy, homeowners across the country continue to search for greener methods of heating their homes. One alternative to conventional heating methods is air source heat pumps; a system which uses the air from outside to heat your home. Despite being relatively under the radar in comparison to the more notorious sustainable energy sources, air source heat pumps benefit your home in a number of ways, making it a viable alternative for warming your home.

Fuel Bill

The main benefit of installing air source heat pumps is, like any other source of renewable energy, the reduced fuel bill. Although these pumps do require electricity to heat the recycled air, the amount of electricity used in comparison to other energy sources is much more modest. Another financial benefit in making the switch to air source pumps is the governmental Renewable Heat Incentive which rewards homeowners who opt for renewable energy sources in their home.

Environmental Benefits

Environmental factors have also contributed to the rise in popularity behind air source heat pumps. By using natural resources to warm your home and replacing the conventional options of central heating, the reduction in electricity is beneficial to the environment. Air source heat pumps call on the outside air, meaning there is no need to harvest materials to accommodate for a heating system and manufacture fuel for these units.

Easy to Install

Air source heat pumps are also easy to install into a home. Especially when compared to ground source heat pumps, this alternative does not require any digging into your garden, and the whole process is far less disruptive. These systems are usually kept at the back of your home, so although the units may be slightly more noticeable in comparison to other heating solutions, they are easy to hide and can be kept out of the way.

This quick and easy guide to air source heat pumps tells you all you need to know about this cost effective and environmentally friendly source of renewable energy. To find out more about any of our products and services, contact Belmar Services on 0115 9551398 or head over to our contact page and leave us a message on our online form.

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